Xavier Woods Comments On Big E Becoming A Future World Champion & More


WWE Superstar Xavier Woods was interviewed by Sports Illustrated where he talked about his best friend, Big E, become a future WWE Champion someday down the road, among other topics that were also discussed:

On his new hosting gig for a G4 competition series: “This legitimately is a dream job for me. It shows that if there is stuff in life you want to do, but people say your passions don’t match up, you can say, ‘Nah, forget that.’ Do the things that make you happy. As long as it’s not hurting anyone else, continue on and don’t let other people sway you from the path. And hosting G4, this means the world to me.”

On working with G4: “An opportunity like this is what I’ve been pushing for, really, throughout my whole career. It feels incredible to have this job in this space, especially with an organization as incredible as G4. I’m tied so emotionally to this from my childhood. It was a safe space where I could nerd out and be myself, and where I found out there were other people like me. It’s cool they’re taking a chance on me. This isn’t me jumping to the next money grab; this is my life. I’m a hardcore gamer, and I have always wanted to mesh wrestling and games together, especially with eSports. This opportunity with G4 is going to give me the ability to do that on such a grand stage in the gaming world. I’m still losing my mind over it, and it feels so surreal. I’m working with such a great crew of people, and this opportunity is a dream come true.”

On the relationship between esports and wrestling: “My goal is to smash these two worlds together. There are things eSports can teach wrestling, and wrestling can teach eSports. On the wrestling side, we sell confrontation, good versus evil. I’ve always wanted to infuse that aspect of wrestling into eSports to make it even more entertaining. The goal is to draw more people into video games by emotionally investing them. So we’re going to have content creators go up against each other, and we’ll have some pro wrestling promo aspects to heighten the mood, too. I’m teaming up with a titan in G4. I think wrestling fans are going to love the vibe, and it’s the perfect storm for wrestling fans and gamers. There is so much excitement for me to get in front of new people, in hopes that they enjoy it like the people who’ve enjoyed it before them.”

As host, participant and promoter, Woods transformed UpUpDownDown into a platform where people could be genuine and lose themselves in the spirit of competition. The channel began in 2015 and now has over two million subscribers. If it serves as the blueprint for his new G4 show, then viewers are in for a blend of creativity and fun.

On showcasing WWE talent on UpUpDownDown: “The WWE roster is incredible, just so talented. You see that on Raw and SmackDown, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The people in pro wrestling can do anything, and I’m hoping people also see a piece of that here. Having the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, and having the incredible team behind that that I do, from editors to producers to the talent on the roster who are fine with me calling them at 3 a.m. asking them to play in a Pokémon tournament the next day, I’m very grateful. This new opportunity is a testament to how strong our roster is and the bond we have together, and how we are so willing to help each other ascend to that next level in whatever we do. I am so grateful to the wrestlers for being on my show, and that’s also helped show me how to carry myself as a host.”

On Big E being a potential future main event champion: “The prophecy has already been told; E’s going to win the title. I’ll go on to win King of the Ring, and we’ll be three kings. That’s the way New Day actually works. We say things, make the right moves and they happen. Fingers crossed, it all happens.”

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