Xavier Woods Comments On The Return Of Fans To Live Events, More


During a recent appearance on the “Rasslon’ With Brandon Walker” podcast, Xavier Woods commented on his return to the ring, fans being back in attendance, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the return of fans to live events: “For me, it’s a little extra because I tore my Achilles in October when we were in Australia. So, I was out for a few months before lockdown even happened. So, for me, it’s coming back to that visceral energy. And the fact that people are bringing T.V. energy to the live events. That’s where normally it’s – you know, a live event. And it’s fun, it’s great. You can mess around a little bit more, so the crowd is super interactive. But when you go to Raw or SmackDown, everyone is losing their minds because of the lights, the cameras, the fireworks. It’s a little more amped up. And it feels like people, having been in their house so long, that they just miss wrestling and they bring that T.V. energy to non-televised shows. And that helps us a lot because we can absorb that and give it back to them. So it’s been really fun being back on the rode with people. It’s been really cool.”

On adjusting to the lack of fans: “Definitely a big fear [helps drive me]. I came back during the ThunderDome stuff. So, I didn’t have that actual fan adrenaline to help cover up that fear. [I came back twice] essentially. It was weird for the first month, maybe. Just trying to get around my mental state of babying it, or anything like that. But it’s been, luckily, good since then and it’s been alright. But again, the fans being back definitely erase all of that.”

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